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Viešoji įstaiga „Kintai Arts“ buvo perorganizuota iš individualios steigėjos Audros Juodeškienės įmonės „Brigė“. Ji savo veiklą pradėjo 2013 m. „Kintai Arts“ tikslas yra organizuoti pramogų, poilsio, kūrybines, menines ir sporto veiklas, užsiimti viešųjų ryšių ir komunikacijos vykdymu.
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“Kintai Arts” will participate in a European Commission funded project “MArteLive”

“Kintai Arts” will participate in a European Commission funded project “MArteLive”

We are happy to announce that Kintai Arts, together with partners from Italy, Poland and Bosnia Herzegovina, were selected to participate in the “Creative Europe” program and won co-financing for the international project “MArteLive”. MArteLive” is a multidisciplinary contest and festival for young, emerging artists from 16 artistic disciplines. The project leaders from Italy “Procult” have been organizing these contests in Italy since 2001. With the help of the European Commission funding, this contest will encompass the entire Europe in 2021. The implementation of the project will contribute to the promotion of Lithuanian artists and Lithuanian culture on the international stage. 


Each of the project partners (Lithuania, Poland, and Bosnia Herzegovina) will be responsible for their specific European Area. The Lithuanian Open Call will be open not not only for the artists from Lithuania, but also Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova. Other project partners will be responsible and dedicate their Open Call for the remaining European countries. 


From 2001 to 2019, with 18 editions of the MArteLive festival and correlated events, Procult involved around 650,000 young people, students, artists, and professionals. In 2014, “Procult” organized its first biennale, where over 900 artists have participated from entire Italy. 


The Lithuanian Open Call will invite to participate artists from the following artistic fields: Visual Arts (painting, photography, digital illustration, sculpture, street art), Music (music and dj & video production), Fashion (Fashion design and handicraft), Performing arts and literature ( dance, theatre, contemporary circus, literature) as well as Audio-visual arts (short film, music clip, video art). The Open Call will be announced at the end of January 2021. Selected artists will participate in further online selection events and the contest semi-final in May 2021. Select winners of the semi-final will be invited to participate in the annual biennale in Italy and artistic residencies throughout Europe. 


Kintai Arts is currently preparing for the announcement of the Open Call and is looking for contest partners. Institutions and companies interested to get involved in this project are invited to drop us an email at [email protected]