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Viešoji įstaiga „Kintai Arts“ buvo perorganizuota iš individualios steigėjos Audros Juodeškienės įmonės „Brigė“. Ji savo veiklą pradėjo 2013 m. „Kintai Arts“ tikslas yra organizuoti pramogų, poilsio, kūrybines, menines ir sporto veiklas, užsiimti viešųjų ryšių ir komunikacijos vykdymu.
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Modern Lithuanian music sounds at Kintai Music Festival

Modern Lithuanian music sounds at Kintai Music Festival

Kintai Music Festival is running up: it started on July 14th, on the shore of Curonian Lagoon in Kintai, and last week the audience was offered with a concert of the pianist Daumantas Kirilauskas, a concert of Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra (KKO) with Mindaugas Bačkus (cello) and Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker (violin), and the symbiosis of jazz and folklore. The last two concerts each had some Lithuanian accents in their own way – they featured premieres of Lithuanian authors.

On July 19th at the Great Church of Kintai, M. Švėgžda von Bekker with KKO performed Concerto for violin and orchestra “Todos los fuegos el fuego” (“All Fires The Fire”) by the young Lithuanian composer Monika Sokaitė. The piece was performed in public for the third time – its world premiere took place in autumn 2017 in Hamburg. M. Sokaitė wrote the concert specially for M. Švėgžda von Bekker – according to the composer, “the form of the composition (baroque concerto grosso) and the dedication to Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker is a reverency for our beautiful friendship, based on violin music, love and respect.” The audience also heard compositions by Felix Mendelssohn, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Ruther, Fritz Kreisler and Wojciech Killar.

On July 20th, the festival visited Rusnė – the program “Folk in Jazz” was performed by Dalia Dedinskaitė (violin), Gleb Pyšniak (cello), Evelina Pabarčiūtė (vocal) and Tadas Motiečius (accordion) in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The concert was inspired by modern Lithuanian spirit – Leonidas Mieldažis wrote music specially for this project. Main themes of the compositions were Lithuanian folk songs from four regions of Lithuania, and the new look for the Lithuanian folklore was given by its connection with different jazz styles.

Alongside the fresh interpretations of Lithuanian folklore by L. Mieldažis, the concert featured Loreta Narvilaitė’s “See the Sea in a Distance”.

According to cellist G. Pyšniak, “this program was performed for the first time – so it’s basically a global premiere. We were very interested in our listeners’ acceptance of our new project“. The audience in Rusnė was fascinated, the listeners enjoyed the wonderful, magical atmosphere.

There will be no shortage of Lithuanian sounds in the upcoming concert of Kintai Music Festival. On July 29th,  Vytautas Kiminius (birbynė; a kind of Lithuanian reed-pipe) will give a concert with the string quartet “Archi Quartet”. In Šilutė Evangelical Lutheran Church, they will present the program “The Lithuanian Centenary with a National Instrument”, which contains the most famous works by Lithuanian composers, compositions specially written for birbynė, and classical masterpieces. Birbynė will sound innovative, revealing new possibilities of the instrument.

The day before, on July 28th (Saturday), the Lithuanian accents in the festival will shortly give a place for the elegance of eternal beauty of the classics. Guests from th Austria, Trio Alba, will perform in the Great Church of Kintai, presenting the piano trios by Viennese classic Joseph Haydn, and romantics Felix Mendelssohn and Bedřich Smetana. Critics applause Trio Alba for youthful energy, passion and captivating playfulness, and at the same time, deep knowledge of the chamber music structure and a special sound culture.

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