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Viešoji įstaiga „Kintai Arts“ buvo perorganizuota iš individualios steigėjos Audros Juodeškienės įmonės „Brigė“. Ji savo veiklą pradėjo 2013 m. „Kintai Arts“ tikslas yra organizuoti pramogų, poilsio, kūrybines, menines ir sporto veiklas, užsiimti viešųjų ryšių ir komunikacijos vykdymu.
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Open Call: MArteLive Europe 2021

Open Call: MArteLive Europe 2021


Kintai Arts, together with partners from Italy, Bosnia Herzegovina and Poland, announce an international Open Call “MArteLive Europe 2021”. Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, this new contest-festival  will enable thousands of young European artists to showcase their talent and kick off their careers. 

This contest, organized and led by an Italian company “Procult”,  is inviting young artists (18-35 year old) to submit their proposals in 16 different artistic sections: Music, Dj and Producer, Theater, Dance, Contemporary Circus, Literature, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Digital Illustration, Street-Art, Fashion Design, Handicraft, Short Film, Music Video, Video Art.

Lithuania, or the “Yellow” zone, is accepting applications from the European Area that consists of these countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. Other contest partners are accepting applications from the remaining European countries. Head on to the contest website , choose your artistic discipline, and, based on your country of residency, choose the European Area in which to apply. 

Online and Live-Stream Auditions, Semi-Final Shows and Art Residencies in different European countries and a Final Show in Rome, Italy: combining all these elements, MArtelive represents a truly exceptional chance for all those eager to showcase their talent.

This first European edition takes place after 20 years of experience in Italy, where  MArtelive has already helped thousands of youngsters express their artistic views, gain international exposure, launch their professional careers and live an unforgettable experience.

The MArte Live Contest is open to artists between 18 to 35, European residents or citizens.

It follows a 4-step process of selection, running both online and Live.

Visit the contest website to apply:, share with your friends and colleagues!


Applications open from February 8th to March 29th.