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Viešoji įstaiga „Kintai Arts“ buvo perorganizuota iš individualios steigėjos Audros Juodeškienės įmonės „Brigė“. Ji savo veiklą pradėjo 2013 m. „Kintai Arts“ tikslas yra organizuoti pramogų, poilsio, kūrybines, menines ir sporto veiklas, užsiimti viešųjų ryšių ir komunikacijos vykdymu.
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The first meeting in Vilnius

The first meeting in Vilnius

Meeting of the project “Past and present music in a dialogue between Lithuania and Iceland” participants took place in Vilnius on June 10-11. Bjarni Frimann Bjarnason and Gudny Gudmundsdottir, the members of Icelandic quartet Skark met Lithuanian performers of New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NICO, its director and composer Gediminas Gelgotas and organizers of the project.

The visit lasted two days. During the first day, all participants had an opportunity to get to know each other better: our guests from Iceland told not only about their musical activities but the history of Iceland as well. Moreover, we discussed about upcoming plans and project goals. When the organizers of the project presented their vision of the concerts, the participants of Skark quartet and NICO orchestra decided to combine both of their ideas and fulfill them during the performances in Kintai and Kedainiai.

Later, the members of Skark quartet were introduced to the music of the 19th century‘s jewish composer Wolf Ebann. These pieces will be included into the music repertoire. Also, we decided on which musical pieces will be performed during the concerts, the scores were exchanged and it was decided to start individual rehearsals.

On the second day, our guests had a chance to take part in a tour of the old town of Vilnius and its most famous historical places. The guide not only showed the objects of Lithuanian herritage but shared interesting stories about historical events and personalities. Before the departure, we had a dinner where participants from Iceland tasted dishes characteristic to national Lithuanian cuisine.

Next meeting will be held in Kintai, at beginning of July. members of Skark quartet together with New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NICO will start their joint rehearsals and preparation for upcoming concerts.